Ceva Technology

Investing in Technology to Deliver a Better Customer Service

At CEVA we invest in the latest technology to make sure we deliver the high customer service you need for interstate vehicle transport services.

Our leading technology platform called C-PoD – CEVA Point of Difference – has been developed to make a difference you will notice when you use CEVA for your interstate car transport services or motorcycle transport.

our current CEVA Technology brochure

We keep investing in this platform and other technology to continually improve the service we offer customers and to stay further ahead of the pack.

With C-PoD, our drivers and warehouse teams use mobile scanning units to enter vital information about your vehicle’s shipment and make it instantly available to everyone who will handle your automobile, and to you.

C-PoD features:

You receive all these benefits when you transport your vehicle with us.

C-PoD gives you total transparency, connectivity, efficiency and visibility with your vehicle transport.