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Corporate Sustainability

Every day, we do what we can to reduce our environmental impact, contribute to our community, and deliver consistently high service standards as car transporters.

We have joined the Federal Government’s Energy Efficiency Opportunities program in Australia, which encourages Australian businesses to improve their energy efficiency by requiring companies to identify and report publicly on cost-effective energy saving opportunities.


At CEVA, we use a unique online system to track, report and monitor our carbon footprint, and this system shows us the measurable savings we make in carbon emissions and cost.

We have adopted a holistic company-wide sustainability program to reduce our environmental impact, especially carbon emissions. It includes our transport and warehouse operations, procurement and business travel.

This program is based on CEVA values and is closely aligned with other initiatives that reflect our commitment to corporate social responsibility.

Globally, CEVA is accredited to a number of important standards. Our accreditation shows that we are committed to high standards in these areas of operation and that we have strong systems to make sure we meet these standards every day.

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Important Standards

  • SA8000 makes sure all CEVA operations in the world meet universal standards for how we treat workers, including health and safety, child labour, forced labour, working hours, payment, discrimination and freedom of association
  • OHSAS18001 sets standards for minimising health and safety risks in our operations
  • The IIP (Investor in People) standard focuses on training and developing our employees to achieve their potential. This commitment helps us recruit and keep the best people, and means our customers get dedicated, skilled and motivated people helping them
  • ISO9001 is about our standards for high quality management, including customer focus, leadership and mutually beneficial and sustainable relationships with our suppliers
  • ISO14001 confirms that we go beyond government regulations to minimise the impact of our operations on the environment.

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