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8 March 2018

Flooding - Between Queensland & Northern Territory & Cairns

Update 14/03/18: Roads have re-opened and we are currently working on the backlog of freight.

Update: We've just been advised that there are also road closures and flooding at multiple points between Townsville and Cairns. At this stage no services will be running along this route.

There are currently road closures between Richmond and Julia Creek which prevents any freight moving west from Townsville. This includes any freight to Cloncurry, Mount Isa and Darwin from Townsville.
There are also closures in several spots north of Longreach which is also affecting freight from Brisbane which is also destined for Mount Isa and Darwin.


This is a force majeure event and CEVA will do everything we can to move all affected vehicles as soon as the roads have re-opened.

For more details please see the following links:,142.55854,z14

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