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18 February 2019

Re: WA corridor train derailment – Network delays

Pacific National have advised that a derailment has occurred on Saturday afternoon near Kultanaby SA. No CEVA containers have been involved in the derailment, however lengthy delays in our network is expected.

It has been identified that 150m of track work requires repairing.The recovery process started yesterday and the full extends to the damage is still be assessed.

At present, we're anticipating delays of up to 10-12 working days for services into and out of WA.

We are actively managing the situation by communicating revised ETA’s where applicable and we will continue to do everything possible to minimise the inconvenience to our customers.

Please note this is a force majeure event and is out of CEVA's control. Yours sincerely

Sean Cambridge
Customer Service Manager
CEVA Vehicle Logistics

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