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Car Transport During COVID-19 Restrictions

7 April 2020

Every day, Australians wait for new stats as we anxiously wait to see if the nation is having any success in curbing the spread of COVID-19. With each state enacting its own version of Stage ‘3’ and ‘4’, all interstate freight, including car transport is still deemed ‘essential’ and is therefore exempt from border control and restrictions. This includes freight in and out of WA.

CEVA Car Carrying is OPEN Australia-Wide. Now more than ever, we believe our personalised service and 50 years of car carrying experience can make a difference.

This is truly an unprecedented time for most of us, but life goes on. If you need to move a car, or any vehicle for that matter, we’re here to help.

Here are a few handy tips when preparing your car for transport. These will make it safer for you and the people who need to handle your car during the move.

1: Disinfect your car – Before you drop your car off (or it’s picked up). First clean all contactable surfaces with the appropriate cleaners. These surfaces include the steering wheel including the stalks, gear shift, the surface of the console and the various controls on it, the dashboard, the arm rests, door handles and the seats. You can then further disinfect those areas using an alcohol-based disinfectant. Avoid harsh cleaning agents like bleach.

Disinfect Car Transport


2: Remove personal items – Remove all personal items from the seats, internal storage areas and the boot. Aside from not being allowed in a transported vehicle, it also means that our staff may have to touch those objects to move them. This could potentially pose a threat to their health.

3: Bring wipes or sanitiser when picking up the car – If you are picking up the car at its destination, make sure you bring some anti-bacterial wipes or alcohol-based sanitiser. This way you can wipe down all touch points before you drive the car away. If someone else is picking up the car at the destination, make sure they do the same.

We want to reassure you that maintaining the highest level of hygiene and social distancing measures remain paramount at all of our depots. It’s ‘business as usual’ and we will continue to abide by all State and Federal Government regulations.

The handshakes may have stopped, but our service hasn't. We remain committed to delivering the best customer service you have come to expect from the team at CEVA Car Carrying

Stay safe, and please don’t hesitate to contact us on 13 (CARS), use our instant Live Chat on our website or get in touch should you have any queries, we’re here for you.