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CEVA Network Flood Impact - WA / NT

4 January 2023

File photo of water rising on the Fitzroy Crossing Bridge in Western Australia. It is expected the river will peak at 15.6 metres on Tuesday night. Photograph: FESA/PR IMAGE (


10 January 2023


The weather conditions appear to be improving however, the flooding from the recent rain is still very much impacting the people and infrastructure in the North-West of WA and NT.  

With the road closures in Fitzroy Crossing and the bridge collapse we have no access, and we expect freight to be delayed by a minimum of 21 days if not longer. Until we are advised, we cannot even estimate the exact delays. The waters will need to recede enough for estimators to gauge the damage and length of repair time for the highway / bridge sites.

To negate the follow-on effect of the closures, and with high volumes to be moved, we will in the short term, be diverting our road-trains from Perth through to Port Augusta onto Darwin. There will be an added cost to this deviation. Naturally, some clients will want to avail themselves of the deviated service and the corresponding charge for this, while and others will be prepared to accept the delay understanding the situation.

We will continue to coordinate with the affected clients should there be any vehicles that they would want loaded onto this service and we will do our best to meet their requirements.

In relation to Broome, the highway is still cut. Consequently, we have no service in or out of Broome, and no advice on the highway reopening.

We are actively managing the situation to our capacity and any alternatives available to us.

We will keep you updated as we have advice. 


04 January 2023


The adverse weather conditions in the Northwest of WA and NT have not eased.

The damage from the flood waters is devastating not only for local residents but also for the infrastructure in the area.

With the road closures in Fitzroy Crossing and the bridge collapse, we have no access, and we expect there to be lengthy delays. Once road crews can attend to the damaged sites, we will be able to provide greater clarity on how long the roads will remain shut.

We are reviewing the current vehicles and sending a communication to those affected by this road closure.

Regrettably, this situation is beyond our control, however, please be assured that we are actively managing the situation. We are working to devise alternative routes for urgent freight in the accessible regions only and will provide updates if there are any revised costing for these movements.

Thank you for your support, as always, as we work through another adverse weather challenge to our operations.

If you require further assistance, please contact our Customer Care Team at 13 2277 or