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Door to Door Car Transport With CEVA

23 April 2020

The Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has rapidly affected the way we go about our lives. It has changed our priorities and what we consider important. Health and wellbeing along with job security have pretty much been cemented as our primary concerns.

During these unprecedented and uncertain times, the car is emerging as one of the safest forms of transport. People are wary about public transport and this has led to an increased demand for cars, particularly second-hand ones. (

If you’ve been considering buying a car from an interstate private seller or an auction house, rest assured, private buyers and sellers are being allowed to trade vehicles as long as social distancing rules are applied by both parties during test drives and the transaction process.

This still leaves you with the decision about whether you should have the car transported or pick it up yourself. The cost of driving your new car back home could far outweigh the cost of having it transported professionally. Especially once you factor in the time and cost to go to where the car is located, and the fuel costs, wear and tear on your tyres, and engine kms when bringing it back.

CEVA Car Carrying offers an industry leading, door to door interstate car transport service. We can pick up a car from any post code in Australia and deliver it directly to your door. This includes picking it up from a private seller, car dealer or an auction house. We can even transport a boat, caravan, jet ski, trailer – in fact any lifestyle vehicle or vessel.

 Car Transport door to door

We've been a part of the Australian motoring community for more than 50 years and are trusted by some of the biggest car brands and automobile enthusiasts.

You can get a quote and make a booking online at using our ‘Quote and Book’ page. If talking to a person is more your thing, you can also call our Customer Care Centre on 13 CARS (13 22 77) and one of our friendly coordinators will be happy to provide you with a quote and answer any questions you may have.



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