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Extra Protection With CEVA Car Carrying | Car Transport

3 June 2020

Here at CEVA, we have always been judicious about how your car is looked after during transport. It helps that we actually love cars! Now more than ever, it is important to follow strict hygiene and COVID-19 protocols.

Measures we have implemented include our drivers using gloves and antibacterial wipes to clean the touch-points that are made contact with most often, of each vehicle. When travelling in a car many of the surfaces in the cabin will be touched simply to use the various functions, from the door handles, seat belts, steering wheel and gear knob to mirrors, the touchscreen, and temperature and seat adjustment controls.

In addition to all those mandatory measures, we have introduced high quality seat and steering wheel covers when you use our covered transport service. These covers are put on the moment you drop off your car at our depot, and they stay on until it reaches its destination. These are not cheap plastic covers but are made of high quality material that will not scuff your seat and steering wheel leather.

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What YOU Can Do…

While we look after your car during transport, here's what you can do! Always wash your own hands before and after driving. If you can't wash, use hand sanitiser. 

clean car

Regularly wipe down surfaces and touch-points. The seat belt and the steering wheel are particularly important as they are most likely to collect respiratory droplets carrying the virus if you cough or sneeze. Make sure you use hygiene products that will not damage the interior materials, plastics or paint (i.e. bleach-free) and make sure you do more than a quick wipe. Wiping twice in different directions is best.

Now more than ever, we believe our personalised service can make a difference. We are the industry leaders in interstate car transport and yes, we can also do home delivery. You can get a quote and make a booking online at using our ‘Quote and Book’ page. 

If talking to a person is more your thing, you can also call our Customer Care Centre on 13 CARS (13 22 77) and one of our friendly staff will be happy to provide you with a quote and answer any questions you may have.