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Rail Network Delays – East to West Rail Corridor Line Closure in SA

21 January 2022

Update 11-February-2022 

Network Flooding Delays


Pacific National has confirmed that the East-West rail line will reopen on Tuesday, 15th February. Inevitably, there will be a considerable amount of freight in transit and we will continue to redirect freight to coastal until the volume normalizes some time in March. 



Update 02-February-2022 

Network Flooding Delays


The current situation is access to repair sites are challenging, and at this time network opening is not expected for another 2 weeks (26th February).

We continue to monitor the progress and are redirecting freight to coastal until the rail line opens.




Update 28-January-2022 

Network Flooding Delays


ARTC conducted aerial inspections of the track and determined that there is more damage than expected. They are unable to provide a firm date for the reopening of the line, the current estimate will be between the 7th and 12th of February.

We are currently re-directing onto vessels to minimize significant impact and delays.   




Update 27-January-2022 

Network Flooding Delays


Due to significant rail line damage due to floods, rail services have been canceled till at this stage Monday, February 7th. The Stuart Highway is still cut off with several sections underwater along with some erosion already identified in other areas, there was some water receding yesterday but rainfall expected late yesterday/today may cause additional delays. 

CEVA is actively addressing the situation using shipping to free the backload of vehicles not being able to be transported on rail.

These two events have placed significant pressure on our network and the backlog to these lane closures is going to take some time to clear once access is open. 






Update 25-January-2022 

Network Flooding Delays


The rail line will not be operational until possibly Sunday, 30th of January and the Stuart Highway is now also closed due to severe flooding. 



Vehicles currently enroute into and ex WA from all States will be delayed by approx. 9 days using the above timing as a measure.

All new bookings will require an additional 10-days transit time for the next two weeks to allow for the network recovery. 





Vehicles travelling into and ex Darwin will be delayed by approx. 10 days, with all new bookings requiring an additional 10-days transit time.