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Why Use CEVA Car Carrying in Australia

25 July 2023

CEVA Car Carrying Australia is a logistics company that specialises in the transportation of vehicles throughout Australia. It is a subsidiary of CEVA Logistics, a global supply chain management company. CEVA Car Carrying Australia provides a range of services related to vehicle transportation, including car carrier services, fleet relocation, and vehicle storage.

The company operates a fleet of transporters specifically designed to carry various types of vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, boats, and caravans. These transporters are equipped with advanced technology and security systems to ensure the safe and secure transportation of vehicles.

In addition to transportation services, CEVA Car Carrying Australia also provides value-added services such as vehicle inspection, preparation, and customisation. We have expertise in handling different types of vehicles and can assist customers with specialised requirements.


Overall, CEVA Car Carrying Australia plays a crucial role in the automotive logistics industry by providing efficient and reliable vehicle transportation services across Australia.


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