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Motorcycle Transport

Motorcycle transport is a specialised business, and we are the experts. We have been transporting motorcycles in Australia for years and are trusted by dealers and manufacturers alike. 

Thanks to a team of experienced professionals and a commitment to excellence in every project, we have become well-known among car transport companies in Australia for our ability to move specialised vehicles. This includes services as diverse as interstate motorcycle and car delivery for prestige and race vehicles. Whatever your requirements, CEVA can deliver a solution.

A Unique System Designed for Safety

Our unique motorcycle transport system uses specialised equipment to move your vehicle safely. If you ship a motorbike in Australia with us, it will be held securely by a unique cradle we developed after extensive research and testing. 

The cradle eliminates the risk of damage to struts and forks and is locked to hug the motorcycle's front tyre during transport while the rear tyre is held by secure strapping for the best possible safety and protection throughout the journey. 

Please note that we do not transport trailers with motorcycles on them; if they both require transport, the motorcycles must be unloaded from the trailer, and all vehicles must be booked as individual vehicles.

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