South Australia Lockdown Update: All interstate car transport will be operational though the lockdown.

Please call 13 2277 for more information.


Here are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions

General information about vehicle transport

There are a number of car transport companies in Australia, so we encourage you to speak to different companies, ask questions and get car transportation quotes. As well as comparing costs, you will want to find out about delivery options, inspection procedures, warranty options, delivery dates, contract terms and conditions and how the carrier will keep you informed. Your vehicle is valuable and special to you, so make sure they offer a reliable service that will protect and secure this important asset. CEVA's customer care team is waiting to answer your questions, so please contact us.

With CEVA, you can rely on our experience, our specialised skills, our range of options to suit your needs and your budget, and our systems for keeping you informed. Nobody likes surprises, and with CEVA you will always know the status of your order and the timing of delivery, and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have along the way. Please contact our friendly and experienced customer team to find out how we can help you.

It depends on many factors - including the distance to and from the depot and how long your vehicle may need to be stored. Please contact us to discuss options and to get a car transportation quote that is tailored to your unique needs.

It should not create delays unless there is a holdup when the car is picked up from the depot. We can only commit to delivery times for the part of the car transport service we control. The best thing is to discuss your time frames with us and what service option will suit you best. Please contact us to find out more.

Organising your interstate vehicle transport with CEVA means you are dealing directly with the company that is responsible for moving your car interstate. Only car transporters like CEVA can offer customer service from contract to delivery. We answer all your questions, tailor the solution to suit your needs and manage any problems that might come up. Only car transport companies in Australia that operate like CEVA will keep you informed every step of the way - for example, CEVA gives you the opportunity to monitor progress on your vehicle transport 24/7 online. Car transporters like CEVA have reputations to protect, so we will look after your vehicle and we look after you with competitive pricing and quality service. Contact us to discuss your needs and to get a quote.

It all depends which option is easier, faster and/or cheaper. The answer needs to take into account factors like whether pick-up and drop off points are metropolitan or rural, how accessible the pick-up and drop off locations are, how flexible your timeframes are, how fast the vehicle needs to be moved, what storage might be needed, the value of the vehicle, the cost of driving the vehicle and the risks of the journey to both the vehicle and the driver. If you are relocating, you should also think about whether you should let a professional take the stress out of moving your vehicle, just as you do for moving your furniture.

A reputable vehicle transport company like CEVA can save you time, money and worry. Contact us to discuss your circumstances, get a car transportation quote and see what will suit you best.

These are the standard dimensions of Sedans and Light Commercials our website quick quote system works on.

Car / Sedan – Length = 5m - Width = 1.99m - Height = 1.49m or under

Light Commercial / 4wd / SUV  – Length = 5m - Width = 1.99m - Height = 1.5m -> 2m Max

If your vehicle falls outside these dimensions please chat with us online or call our Customer Care Centre on 13CARS (13 2277) who will be able to provide you with a Non Standard Quote.

Minimum ground clearance for all vehicles on our car transporters is 120mm (Standard height of a soft drink can) with the exception of our Race and Prestige Transporter (RAPT Truck).

Our services

Car moving and delivery times vary depending on distance, road conditions and the service option you have chosen. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Metropolitan and Rural areas are defined by their distance from the nearest CEVA depot. Roughly anything further than 45 km may be classed as a Rural Area.

This is based on the distance on the roads that our transporters need to cover for any given destination.

We do our best to meet agreed delivery times for car transport services and our track record is excellent, particularly for priority deliveries. However, sometimes circumstances out of our control can affect delivery times. Depending on your service option, you can track progress 24/7 online or be advised by our team if any unavoidable delays arise. Please contact us to find out more.

Generally, we need one to three days' notice (after we receive payment) to pick up from your door. In country and rural areas we may only pick up vehicles once or twice a week. Please contact us to find out how much notice would be needed in your location.
If you are dropping your vehicle at a depot, this can usually be done at one to two days' notice, depending on depot capacity.

Yes. At pick-up, you or your representative needs to sign a vehicle survey condition report and give the keys to our driver. At delivery, you or someone representing you needs to check the vehicle's condition, sign the condition form and take the keys back.

When you book your car transport service with us, we ask that you or your representative be present when we collect your vehicle. A CEVA team member will survey your vehicle and record its condition in a Vehicle Survey Report. We will ask you to review these comments before you sign the Vehicle Survey Report to show that you agree with their description of the vehicle's condition, and that you have read and understood the contract conditions.

Yes, the vehicle must have working foot brakes, handbrakes, steering, driver's seat and no leaks to be suitable for transport. We may require photos of damaged vehicles before we can quote and/or make a booking.

However, we only transport non-running or damaged vehicles from Metro area to Metro area only. (Depot to Depot, Door to Depot / Depot to Door, Door to Door)

Yes, we do. In order to obtain a quote please fill in the CEVA Trailer Quote Request Form and send it through to or contact us for more details.

Personal Items Policy

Yes, if you have booked directly with CEVA, at an additional cost of $100.00 plus GST you will be allowed up to 60kg of personal effects in the boot of the vehicle. They must be in enclosed boxes and/or suitcases. Available for all movements from a CEVA depot, excluding any movements going into WA.

All of our transport options have the choice of adding personal effects at an extra charge of $100.00 (excl. GST). However, this is only available on moves from Depot to Door or Depot to Depot (excluding any movements going into WA).

Provided the extra charge is paid, we allow up to 60kg in the boot of the vehicle. The items must be boxed or in suitcases and not contain any dangerous goods or perishable food items. If the vehicle is a station wagon or van, the rear window must not be obstructed.

Yes, our staff will inspect them prior accepting the vehicle. If the items pass inspection the boxes and/or suitcases will be security taped/sealed.

Should your items fail the inspection we will refuse to accept the vehicle until the issues are resolved.

Preparing a vehicle for transport

We have prepared a list of simple tips to help you make sure your car transport is safe and secure. This page also includes tips for preparing your motorcycle for transport, and tips for preparing a non-driveable vehicle to be transported safely.

Baby seats and capsules can be left in your vehicle during transportation. Please see our tips for preparing your vehicle for transport.

Western Australia has strict quarantine regulations to prevent the introduction of exotic pests, diseases and weeds found in other Australian states and territories. If you are transporting a vehicle to Western Australia, you need to make sure it is thoroughly cleaned before it is picked up by CEVA or dropped off at our depot. The vehicle needs to be completely free of mud, plant material and insects, including the windscreen, wiper well, grill and under wheel arches. You may be fined if your vehicle does not pass Western Australia's quarantine inspection. For further details on Western Australia's quarantine regulations see

Please note that any vehicles with a breath alcohol ignition interlock device (BAIID) will require a minimum of 10 clean and unused mouthpieces to be supplied with the vehicle.

Auction House Collections

We require the Buyer Number, Sale Number and Lot Number for each vehicle. (These are all located on the Pickles Invoice)

If we do not have these details Pickles will not be able to locate the vehicles and will not release it to us which will then incur a futile fee for a wasted journey.

We require the Lot Number for each vehicle. (These are located on the Manheim Invoice)

If we do not have these details Manheim will not be able to locate the vehicles and will not release it to us which will then incur a futile fee for a wasted journey.

We require

  • A copy of the Grays Online Invoice / Winner’s Email
  • A copy of the winner’s driver’s licence or other photo ID
  • A signed written letter, authorizing CEVA to collect on their behalf

If we do not have these details Grays will not release the vehicles to us which will then incur a futile fee for a wasted journey.

No, we do not collect from salvage yards.

The most common salvage yards are as follows

  • Pickles Auctions Milperra
  • Pickles Auctions Bibra Lake
  • Pickles Auctions Tullarmarine
  • Pickles Auctions Bohle (When Lot Number is over 100)
Accidental Loss or Damage Protection

Enjoy peace of mind when you choose CEVA to transport your vehicle anywhere in Australia. Our focus on transporting your vehicle safely and securely is underpinned by our modern fleet of transporters and a service commitment from our nationwide team of transport experts. Your vehicle will also be protected against accidental loss or damage up to a value of $60,000 when you move your vehicle with us.


We accept Visa, Master Card, Amex, Direct Deposit and cash payments - for cash payments please have the exact amount as we do not provide change at our Depots

No, all bookings must be prepaid before we will move your vehicle.

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